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Hanon McKendry.
Integrated Brand Connections.

People connect with brands a thousand ways—online, on television, on their way to work and on store shelves. At Hanon McKendry, we help you weave all of those interactions together so, whenever and wherever your audience meets your brand, they know and like it better.

For those clients seeking to make an integrated brand connection, or those confronting a specific challenge, we have three distinct teams that can help—each with a specific discipline, and all committed to branding excellence.

Brand Positioning



IRON at Hanon McKendry combines your knowledge with our expertise to uncover insights that sharpen your brand positioning and heighten its impact.



Brand Design


DESIGN CULTURE STUDIOS at Hanon McKendry creates brand touch points that are memorable, unique, captivating and compelling … by design.



Brand Engagement 


MINDSCAPE at Hanon McKendry is a web success company focused on creating powerful connections between you and your audience.


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